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We are Environmental Professionals providing a one stop shop to carbon reduction.  We specialise in carbon footprinting, emission reduction, and carbon offset trading for industry, but with a unique point of difference.  We have solved the missing link by not only helping industry to tackle carbon emissions internally, but also helping them externally to engage customers to take an active part in lowering their collective impact, further improving business performance.

With that we would like to introduce you to a brand new concept that we believe could transform how Industry currently addresses its carbon emissions.

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Creating a climate-friendly conference

“Climate change has the potential to both increase New Zealand’s attractiveness to tourists and undermine some of its core attractions.  Tourism in New Zealand is a highly weather and climate dependent industry with most popular attractions/activities enjoyed by international tourists based outdoors”, according to research. Therefore, the co-hosts of New Zealand Hotel Industry Conference 2014 (NZHIC) plan to hold a climate-friendly conference.  Carbon neutral conferences are events whose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the consumption of energy and travel have been offset to achieve a zero carbon footprint.  In order to achieve this target, NZHIC 2014 co-hosts invite all delegates to fill in the following survey to collect data of their accommodation and travel arrangements.  Greenfield specialises in carbon foot-printing, emission reduction, and carbon offset trading for industry to further improve business performance.


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