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We are Sustainable Business Advisors or Sustainable Consulting providing a one-stop shop to sustainability management. We specialise in sustainability strategic managementresources productivity improvementsustainability communication, marketing and sales, climate change and sustainability. Our unique point of difference when tackling sustainability and climate issues is that we address the missing link, and that is to engage customers with sustainability which we believe is quality that gives your customer better experience. We not only help business with sustainable development internally, but also help business externally to engage suppliers and customers to take an active part in lowering their collective impacts, further saving costs and increasing sales for the business.



sustainability strategic management

Sustainability Strategic Management

Sustainability strategic management is complex, due to the multiple contributing factors that make up the whole picture.  Therefore to develop a comprehensive approach whereby sustainable development, and revenue/margin is maximised requires a fully integrated Sustainability Strategic Management. Greenfield helps you achieve this goal. More ...

resource productivity & sustainability

Resource Productivity & Sustainability

Resource productivity and resource intensity are key concepts used in sustainability measurement as they attempt to decouple the direct connection between resource use and environmental degradation. Their strength is that they can be used as a metric for both economic and environmental cost. We help you think and act differently when you are embrace this new challenge. More ...

sustainability marketing & communication

Sustainability Marketing & Communication

More consumers are willing to pay more for green and health products and services. The real challenge to industry has been to turn these messages into consumer action and ultimately sales from customers who are not the discerning green consumers buying on conscience. Greenfield is your partner to tell sustainability stories to your consumers. More ...


Climate Change & Sustainability

At Greenfield, we believe that climate change or carbon management provides the opportunity to business to practice sustainable management more easily and effectively. This is because the climate change stands at the heart of sustainability. On one hand it links nearly all environmental and social issues, on the other hand, it has become one the hottest topics among consumers. More ...

Industry Practices

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

At Greenfield, we focus on the goal of sustainable tourism – the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities. Therefore, for us, tourism industry’s sustainability management shall meet the following: Engage guestsImprove industry resource productivity, Reduce environmental impactsInvolve host communities, and more ...

Vineyard and Winery

Vineyard & Winery

Greenfield offers a range of sustainability management solutions for the wine industry. Many wineries have active sustainability initiatives in place and the services offered by us are there to complement these initiatives not replace them. More ...



More and more countries launched the emission trading scheme in order to reduce the carbon emissions by market mechanism at a lower cost. After European Union, China has become the second largest cap-and-trade market through its seven pilots. More...

Solutions & Tools


tripadvisor greenleaders

The TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ Programme

The GreenLeaders™ Programme recognises hotels and B&Bs that engage in environmentally friendly practices, making it easier for travellers to find and book a greener stay. Qualifying properties are marked with a badge on their TripAdvisor® page. More...

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Hospitality Carbon Footprint Stickers

Hospitality Carbon Footprint Calculation & Communication

It is the most cost-effective way for hospitality to communicate and engage with employees and guests on sustainable practices. Calculating carbon footprint will also earn more points at TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Programme. More ...

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carbNZero and CEMARS

The carboNZero and CEMARS Certification Programme

As a qualified consultancy under the carboNZero and CEMARS programme, Greenfield provide “audit-ready” services to our clients to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions for organisations, products, services and events. More ...

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The MAGIC Principle

Greenfield‘s unique M.A.G.I.C. Principle is the foundation that gives us the capability to provide the world’s first truly comprehensive and holistic approach to Sustainability Management, from strategy to actions and results. More ...

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The Carbon Club

The Carbon Club is Greenfield's unique sustainability marketing and communication platform. It focuses on the sustainability communication and marketing with Chinese consumers, and sustainable purchasing from local suppliers. More ...

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About Us

Founded in 2006, we are Environmental Professionals providing a one stop shop to carbon reduction.  We specialise in carbon footprinting, emission reduction, and carbon offset trading for industry, but with a unique point of difference.  We have solved the missing link by not only helping industry to tackle carbon emissions internally, but also helping them externally to engage customers to take an active part in lowering the collective impact, and further improving business performance.

We provide our clients, most of which are Fortune 500 or listed companies, with the unique insight to solve their most pressing climate issues. We are dedicated to helping corporations improve their performance and achieve sustained profitable growth with critical consideration of environmental protection and social development.

We developed our unique M.A.G.I.C. Principle which is the foundation that gives us the capability to provide the world’s first truly comprehensive and holistic approach to Carbon Management, from strategy to actions, and results for our clients. The five factors that make up M.A.G.I.C. are all fully integrated, but can be adopted independently. Each factor delivers results, whether that are critical stakeholder engagement, measuring and lowering emissions, reducing costs increasing margin, improving business, or adding brand value.

Meanwhile, as part of the M.A.G.I.C. Principle we designed the Carbon Club for the hospitality industry to reduce their emissions by also engaging their potential guests in the process. This membership platform, means both the hotels and the guests will gain their own economic rewards for green practices.  This has been a key missing link to a fully holistic carbon management strategy.   This mirrors the Greenfield value based approach of a  two-way channel to jointly make a positive yet simple IMPACT on our emissions.


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